Australian Dry Eye

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It which is estimated there are 800,000 severe dry eye patients in Australia and 400 million globally. After discovering this fact, I decided to become an advocate to promote the medical research being conducted around the world that offers hope for those who suffer. I have travelled twice internationally to meet with renowned scientists and medical researchers in a concerned effort to learn more about this issue and continue to share my knowledge with the wider eye care community via this portal. Unfortunately due to a lack of funding for this area of ophthalmology it is difficult to predict when new medicines will be come available but I urge those that suffer the symptoms regardless of the severity to be patient, as there is a plethora of new science being conducted worldwide, with many talented and dedicated teams working diligently towards newer generation diagnostics and treatments that will help in the future. I will continue to update this website with new and relevant information as it becomes available for the benefit of all patients.